Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Beauty in the Day

Today was a beautiful day, The sun was warm and shining. I spent the morning with a group of inspiring, creative friends. In the afternoon I enjoyed the beautiful day on a drive to Oak Harbor, passing through some of the most beautiful scenery in our area - Deception Pass Bridge. The bridge was crowded with visitors enjoying the surrounding beauty, hiking down to the water, watching the swirling pools flowing underneath the bridge. After an intimate book signing in Oak Harbor with Betty, we enjoyed a cool delicious ice cream at Mad Hatters in Anacortes. We enjoyed the warmth of the sun on our face as we cooled out insides with delicious flavors.

The beauty in the day is warmth, friendship, beautiful scenery and deliciousness.

The beauty in the day - a reminder that beauty surrounds us. The simplest things create beauty each day.

The beauty in the day - people. A community of inspiring, creative, fun, giving, loving people.

The beauty in the day - Ice Cream. Delicious, swirling flavors tempting and teasing the taste buds.

The beauty in the day - a wonderful day reminding us of wonderful things.

The beauty in the day - SUNSHINE!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Once had Life

I once had life in me. Slowly it drained away. Now all that is left is a shell.

I once had life in me. Vibrant life flowed through me, active and resonating. Now …  I stand in quiet solitude.

I once had life in me. Color filled me with highlights and happiness. Now I am faded and run down.

I once had life in me. I had meaning. I had purpose. For that I am grateful.

The memories are distant. Yet, there is still some beauty showing through this crumbling facade. A glimpse of what I once was.

A special thanks to - Jane Billinghurst.