Friday, December 14, 2012

An Echo from the Past

In Anacortes, WA, there is this wonderful 100 year old train depot. For the last 20 plus years it was a vibrant center for the arts. 

I an not sure why, but I feel a deep affection for this old building. It speaks to me. It's a pleasant conversation, full of happiness and history.

I recently organized a two-day holiday gift show in the Depot. For two days the building was full of happy energy. The atmosphere was festive and laughter filled the rooms. I started to imagine what it must have been like 100 years ago. I could hear the excitement of people traveling. I could feel the hustle as they bought their tickets and waited for the train. The energy from the employees swirled around me, as they helped the passengers and loaded the freight.  I could see the tears of loved ones, as they came and went. I could hear the children laughing and playing. How exciting those times must have been. 

It was then that I knew that The Depot is meant to be filled with happiness and laughter. It is my hope that the tradition continues.  That the memories in the Depot will always be filled with excitement, with the hustle of people, with laughter, playing and happiness. This building deserves that for all that it gives to this small community.

The Depot

Through the years
through the laughter, the tears

People came, people went 
brief moments that were spent

Memories remain, written in time
a beauty now, as it was in it's prime

Today it still stands
still beautiful and happy, thanks to loving hands

Monday, November 12, 2012

Not then, Not later - NOW

Is the world upside down?

Which way's up?

Which way's down?

What if I went this way?

Should I turn here?

Should I turn there?

Is this the Past?

Is this the Future?

What does it really matter? Just live in the NOW!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Let It Be a New Day

 Let the morning sun squeeze out the night.

Let it bring with it warmth and light.


Let it enter a brand new day.

Let it show us strength and light the way. 

Let each morning be a reminder 

of how grateful we should be for each day.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

55 Reasons we are friends

In honor of your 55th birthday, (that's right you are 55). 55 reasons of why we are friends and why you mean so much to me (us).

55. Why not!

54. You are somewhat crazy!

53. You make me laugh.

52. You insisted.

51. I insisted.

50. Our children insisted.

49. You make me laugh.  Wait I already said that. Well you do.

48. Just because.

47. 23 years of ups and downs.

46. You helped raise my kid.  (thanks for that by the way)

45. We are somewhat related?  Aren't we?  :-)

44. Growing up together.

43. Getting old together. Even if you are the 'older' one :-)

42. Being a part of your family.

41. Watching your children grow. Watching my children grow.

40. Birthdays

39. Holidays

38. More holidays.

37. More birthdays.

36. Raising teenagers together. You more than me, but I was there with you in spirit :-)

35. Watching you raise teenagers.

34. Now watching you with a grandson (and the next generation of family).

33. Family squabbles.

32. Marital squabbles.

31. Co-worker

30. Co-worker squabbles.

29. You being older than me :-)

28. Years of history.

27. Helping you find your home.

26. Family loss - our moms.

25. Shawn

24. Tyler

23.  All of the kids.

22. Smiles

21. Laughter

20. Tears

19. Heartbreak

18. Happiness

17. Joy

16. Sorrow

15. Family

14. Family Gatherings

13. Weddings

12. 23 years

11. You being the 'oldest'. :-)

10. Being there for each other.

9. Support

8. You get me.  And I sometimes get  you :-)

7. Family meals

6. Our traditional meal together (now that the kids are all grown).

5. Hope

4. Dreams

3. Best Friend - Long time friend.

2. Friendship

1. Love

Happy Birthday!  May we celebrate many more together.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

36 Years

On this day, thirty six years ago, the year was 1976 - the year of the U.S. bicentennial celebration. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon and friends and family were gathered in a small church in SW Denver to witness the vows of a young couple as they started their journey in life together.

Thirty six years!  A lifetime ago. Sometimes a vivid memory just skirting the memory banks trying to be recalled. The day went so quickly. It seems like we just started and suddenly it was over, - I Do and now you may kiss the bride - that was it.

Since that day, we have had two children (sons). Lived in New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and Washington. Grown up together, gone through ups and downs, businesses, moving, jobs, raising a family, friends have come and gone (some have stayed) and yet some part of us is still that young couple standing in front of everyone to say "I Do".  Well we did and we are still, "I Doing".

Happy Anniversary!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Beauty in the Day

Today was a beautiful day, The sun was warm and shining. I spent the morning with a group of inspiring, creative friends. In the afternoon I enjoyed the beautiful day on a drive to Oak Harbor, passing through some of the most beautiful scenery in our area - Deception Pass Bridge. The bridge was crowded with visitors enjoying the surrounding beauty, hiking down to the water, watching the swirling pools flowing underneath the bridge. After an intimate book signing in Oak Harbor with Betty, we enjoyed a cool delicious ice cream at Mad Hatters in Anacortes. We enjoyed the warmth of the sun on our face as we cooled out insides with delicious flavors.

The beauty in the day is warmth, friendship, beautiful scenery and deliciousness.

The beauty in the day - a reminder that beauty surrounds us. The simplest things create beauty each day.

The beauty in the day - people. A community of inspiring, creative, fun, giving, loving people.

The beauty in the day - Ice Cream. Delicious, swirling flavors tempting and teasing the taste buds.

The beauty in the day - a wonderful day reminding us of wonderful things.

The beauty in the day - SUNSHINE!!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I Once had Life

I once had life in me. Slowly it drained away. Now all that is left is a shell.

I once had life in me. Vibrant life flowed through me, active and resonating. Now …  I stand in quiet solitude.

I once had life in me. Color filled me with highlights and happiness. Now I am faded and run down.

I once had life in me. I had meaning. I had purpose. For that I am grateful.

The memories are distant. Yet, there is still some beauty showing through this crumbling facade. A glimpse of what I once was.

A special thanks to - Jane Billinghurst.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Where is She?

Where is she? The person I use to be? The woman who had more energy and determination? The other day I was trying to remember her. What did she look like? How did she think? How would she react to life today? How did she manage to push on everyday?  She was a mother, a wife, housekeeper, bookkeeper, laundress, friend, confident, co-worker, sister, daughter, cook, the one that held the family together, a dreamer, a doer and a lover - and that was all in a day's work.

Where is she? The person who was strong and capable? Who would march forward undaunted by fear and failure? If something wouldn't work, she would try something else, her fierce determination would keep her going and exploring for answers. Life could throw her a curve ball and she would either catch it, move out of the way, or throw it back.

Where is she? I looked for her the other day, wondering where she went. Was she hiding? Was she gone forever? I don't know where she is, but I sometimes really miss her.  And most of the time I really need her. 

Whether I find her again, or a part of her, I can be eternally grateful that I at least got to know her.  I appreciate her more now, which is something I should have done when she was here.

Where is she? Maybe she is still here somewhere? Maybe she is changing and maybe I just don't recognize her yet?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My First Publication

I was invited to be a brief part of a brand new magazine. I was asked to select six photographs and write a brief byline.  I felt so honored and delighted to be asked. The magazine is still in production and should be out soon.  For now here is my submitted byline and the six photographs I selected.

In 2005, my husband and I, coasted in to Anacortes thinking we would hang out for a year or two.  At the time, I wasn’t sure how a big city girl would adjust to a small town.

Well adjust I did.  After opening up That Photo Shoppe, I started organizing photography workshops and I became involved with the Skagit Valley Camera Club.

At first I had no real interest in taking up photography. My talent and passion was in organizing workshops. I teamed up with photographers and instructors, Dick Garvey, Vince Streano and Tony Locke and after years of watching, learning and absorbing - I found I was hooked and I got my first camera.

 I am no longer a city girl. I love living in Anacortes. I love the community, the people and the arts.  I am actively involved in the arts, the Anacortes Arts Commission, the Skagit Valley Camera Club and the community in which I live and photograph.

Karla Locke
Alternative Focus

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Is this door opened? Or is this door closed?

I am firm believer that things happen for a reason. I may not always understand the reason, or agree, and sometimes I don't even know the reason, but there is a reason.  Most of us have heard the saying, "When one door closes another one will open".  Well these past few years I have felt like I am in a large room full of doors, most of which don't go anywhere.

When I open what I think is a door of opportunity and peek inside, thinking this is the direction I am suppose to be going, the door closes (sometimes slamming shut) when I try to put my foot through it.

One such door was that way last week.  I saw what could be a great opportunity and when I tried to open the door a little wider, what I found was that it was blocked.  Frustrated and disappointed that yet another day was closing on me, I started to let it close and felt defeated. Then I realized maybe what I was doing wrong is, I was letting the doors close and I was giving up to quickly.  Maybe what I need to be doing is chipping away at the resistance that is blocking that door and keep trying to push it open.

Expressing myself with a little shoulder to the door and hope that it may still open up wide.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Random Act of Yumminess

What a nice way to start the beginning of the year by being the recipient of a Random Act of Yumminess.  An anonymous gift-giver generously sent us a yummy box of good food from my favorite place - Klesick Family Farms.  Why? Not sure.  Who? Don't know. 

A healthy gift of veggies and fruits.  A thoughtful gift that we will enjoy and treasure for a long time.  Thank you to this anonymous gift-giver.  May you know that your gift is being enjoyed to the fullest.

Expressing myself with delicious thankfulness.