Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sad Day for those that loved Balik

In loving Memory, Balik Bailey Hudec....
Being in the presence of such a noble and majestic soul, was what it was like when you were with Balik. There was a royal quality to him. Yet he was gracious and generous with his love. His temperament was that of a gentle animal who's sole purpose was to be a good friend and companion to Hap. He carried himself with grace and dignity.  All who knew him adored him and felt honored to be around him. We was his court and he was our King.
The bond between him and Hap was not that of a dog and his master, theirs was a special 'friendship'. A relationship of mutual respect and admiration.  They were both companions to the other, and each others best friend. 
Expressing myself with sadness and loss today. For today we lost someone very special. Though we could never fill your paws, we will do our best to watch over Hap for you.
Our love to you Balik, may you rest in peace..

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My first post - or ramblings.

I already have a blog that was set up and designed for my workshops in photography and the arts, but since I am starting to set up and maintain social media accounts for clients, blogging to be one of those accounts, I decided I should set up another one for practice. As this blog was developing and I was playing around with design ideas and other things, I decided I needed a place to express myself, to allow a place for my 'creative outlet', whatever that might be. Hence the name, "Express Myself".

So this is my first post, my first ramblings, my first thought (not so much an idea).  And my first ramblings, my first thought - man is this a lot of work!  And the learning curve! And I am just starting. I have to admit though, that I am thoroughly enjoying this, and the satisfaction of doing it and seeing the results is almost, not quite, but almost well worth it.

So this - the first expression of myself - is the joy of accomplishment, or at least starting to accomplish something.