Sunday, January 26, 2014

A House Divided During Superbowl

As Superbowl approaches I find myself caught between two teams and their fans.

You see, I am from Bronco country and I am a Bronco fan. I have been since the glory days of John Elway. That is when I discovered football and that is when I became hooked.

Now, I live amongst the 12th Man - Seahawks fans.

Twenty five years ago we left Bronco country and moved to Washington state. Being surrounded by Seahawk fans, I lost interest in football. I no longer keep up with the teams, the games, or who's who.

This year, like so many Seahawk fans, I got caught up in the excitement.  And, I am thrilled that the Seahawks are going to the Superbowl. But now, my past and my present are colliding with the future because both teams are going to the Superbowl.

I have found my house divided. Our oldest son immediately became a Seahawks fan as soon as we moved to Washington and still is. Our youngest, however, is a die-hard Broncos fan and now lives in Colorado.

So, which team do I choose? Like my house, I am divided between the teams. I have decided I support both.

I support the Broncos - after all I am a Bronco fan.

I  support the Seahawks.

I support the coaches and the players for all of the hard work and drive it took to get to the Superbowl.

I support the fans of both teams.

I support that I will enjoy the Superbowl and be a fan of both teams. After all, why do I have to choose? Why, can't I just enjoy.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

How I Ended 2013

It's the end of another year and time for a year-in-review-recap.  But, first, why do we look back? Is it to maybe help us look forward? That is my goal for 2014. I am ending 2013 with forgiveness towards those that caused harm, and being grateful for those that loved and are loved and were there during the year. I want to start 2014 with a clean slate. One that is ready to accept love, gratitude and togetherness.

Goodbye 2013 - you had some great moments and those are the ones that I will carry on with me as 2014 rings in.

For me, so much of my life is recorded on Facebook, so guess where I go for memories :-)
Thank goodness too. Between Facebook and my photographs, I can remember what I did throughout the year.


A fun photo shoot with my friend (and author) Jared McVay during the Mystery of Men artshow at the Depot.  Aren't all men a mystery?

Our son has a friend who is a wonderful artist.
This is one of the pieces he did for me.
Notice the Cool Name.

Tony and I went to Boundary Bay in Canada with a couple of our favorite ladies who love to photograph birds.


The highlight of February was the annual La Conner Race. Tony and his team entered their boat and did the long 7 mile loop in just under an hour.

As a result of the La Conner Race, we met a guy who does amazing boat building, as well as, bronze casting so were invited to watch, and photograph, him while he worked.

Another one of Han's artwork. 


This year we tried something different - we did SUNRISE WITH THE DAFFODILS.  Quite a few of us got up on a foggy, chilly March morning and went out to photograph the daffodils at sunrise. All I can say is STUNNING.


April around here would not be complete without a photograph of the tulip fields. Instead of sunrise, we did sunset.

May (and June) had Highs and LOWS.

In May, after a 5+ year battle with a disease that no one could explain, our brother passed away.  Kevin was the youngest of five children and the only boy in a house full of girls. He was forty one.
Rest in Peace little brother, your sisters miss you everyday.

From left to right:
Jim (stepfather)
Tracie (sister)
Kristine (sister - in the front)
Mica (sister - in the front)
Far right - Me
Behind me - Kevin

Sandra and Debbie  - stepsisters

The Big highlight of MAY -

May is the month I got into politics.  Well sort of.  I was the Facebook guru for a few local people who were running for office.  One of which is now our new Mayor.  YEAH!


In June we lost a dear friend to cancer.  We miss her everyday, but we were truly blessed to have had her in our life.

In June
Tony turned another year older and got that much closer to the big 60.  We also celebrated our 37th anniversary.  


Every July Anacortes closes downtown for the annual Shipwreck Days.  This is a photographers dream for unique shots. Tony and I spent the day wondering around photographing anything strange or whatever captured our imaginations.


August was the launch of my first book. It is available as an ebook. I had joined a writers group and a critique group, which helped me fulfill a lifelong dream - to write.

Cover Design by Tony Locke.  Photo provided by John Holtman (thanks John).

Tony got a new camera (well new for him), it was the older camera of a good friend. So, we spent a lot of time hiking and photographing. More photographing, than hiking.


The annual OYSTER RUN (no we don't have oysters running). It is a Motorcycle rally and over 20,000+ bikes hit the small town of Anacortes.

This year Tony captured me sitting on a vintage harley surrounded by the Seattle Cossacks stunt team. Me and my motorcycle men :-)

Being a Colorado girl, I have always been fascinated by trains. One day, Tony and I (and the light) timed it just right to photograph a train coming across the slough on the trestle.


A fun month - full of good happenings.

Starting with the 8th grade graduation of my nephew Ben. It was a bittersweet moment when I attended the 8th grade graduation of Ben as he moved that much closer to being a young man. 

We spent a beautiful Fall day in Vancouver with Betty.  


Apparently November was such a busy month, I didn't have too much time to record anything.

For Veteran's Day, I posted this photo of Tony and I.  When we got married, Tony was in the Air Force. He was going to wear his dress blues but for some reason my mom did not want him to. Now I wished I had not listened to my mother. Parents aren't always right.

Han's last piece of art for 2013.  Looking forward to seeing what he does in 2014.


December was sort of a big month for me. I turned 55. At first I was dreading it, but as it approached I felt a sort of new found respect for it and was actually kind of looking forward to it. Maybe it was turning 55 that made this year seem like the beginning of all kinds of new things.

I also self-published my second ebook - Dream Obsession.  

For birthday/Christmas, I got a new camera. I call it my "big girl" camera. I have finally joined the DSLR group. To celebrate Tony and I took off for the Nooksack, on the Sunday after Christmas, to photograph the eagles. My lens wasn't quite long enough, but I still got some decent shots. Either way I had a great time. 

To 2013 - I say, "Thank You."  
You were the year of dreams coming true. The year of sorrow and joy. A year of gratitude and moving on. 

To 2014 - I say, "Welcome."  
Bring it on baby, I am ready. Let's move forward and soar to places we only dream of.