Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Love Rob's Grandma

A friend is now the caregiver for his 101 year old grandma. The fact that this single young man takes on such a tremendous responsibility, makes him a very special person indeed.  

Photo by Rob Jones

He would post photos of Grandma on Facebook. Endearing, funny, charming, loving photos of Grandma.  Immediately he captured the hearts of his audience and we all fell in love with Grandma.

Sometimes on the weekends, he would post photos of what he fixed Grandma for breakfast.  Delicious meals with a side of meds. Everyone would tease him and tell him to open a restaurant and serve his food with a side of meds.

Recently he started a blog - 

One L Short of Normal

Life with my Centenarian Grandmother and other Randomness

I think that him, and his Grandma, have found their calling.  I enjoy reading about Norma. And the photos - well, they just make me love her that much more. But, what I really enjoy, is Rob's take on it all.  

Thank you Rob for sharing your Grandma with the rest of us.  And thank you for being such a special person.  We now know where your Grandma gets it from. 

Read more about these two wonderful people by visiting their blog.


This blog is an exploration and celebration of my time as caregiver for my (currently 101 year old) Grandmother.   The original publication of this site coincides with the second anniversary of my mother’s untimely death at the age of 62.  Grandma was living with Mom when she passed and moved in with me shortly after Mom’s funeral.  ”One L Short of Normal” is something I’ve always teased my Grandma about.  Her first name is Norma, and she’s a rare sort of person with a strange way of looking at things.  She’s always been this way, apparently even from a young age.  She is a strange and wonderful persistent old lady who is definitely one “L” short of “normal”.