Thursday, June 18, 2015

Shut The Damn Door Already...

I am a firm believer in the saying, "One door closes and another one will open." Or, the saying, "Things happen for a reason."
My problem is that sometimes I just don't pay attention to the door trying to close. It practically has to slam shut before I get the hint.

Some people walk away from the closed door as soon as it closes and walk right through the open door, proceeding on, no matter what.  Me – I tend to ignore it.

Some (meaning me,) try to keep going through the 'closing' door, while ignoring the now 'open' door. Even if the door closing is a door I really should avoid, I will still try to go in, while ignoring the door that is opening - regardless of the opportunity it presents. I am not sure if it is stubbornness or if I am just too afraid? Sometimes, I am just clueless.

With me, most of the doors have to slam shut, not just once, but sometimes several times, before I finally get the hint not to go through it anymore. Not only does it have to slam shut, it has to turn the key and lock it up tight, so no matter how hard I try, I can't break in. And then, I probably will still ignore the 'open' door, until someone pushes me through it.

What this really means is: I am not listening to my intuition, to my instincts. Even when they are SCREAMING at me to quit, move on, get out–I ignore them. Sometimes, the bad stuff (no matter how bad) is more comfortable then the unknown.

Today, a door shut. It didn't exactly slam shut, it was more of a quiet-go-away-leave-me-alone kind of closing. It was a door that should have shut, I knew in the back of my mind it should close, but instead of me listening, I waited until someone else closed it for me.

I keep telling myself that I will learn, I will pay attention, but I haven't – at least not this time.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beware of Saturday the 13th

Traditionally we've been programmed to be wary of Friday the 13th, personally I find that day to usually be one of my best days. It is Saturday the 13th that we should be afraid of. Throughout the years, it has been Saturday (not Friday) the 13th that is typically a bad day – at least for me. And, Saturday, June 13th started out to be no exception.

  • The day started off by getting out bed, believe me that was a feat all by itself.
  • Next, the laptop didn't want to work. Couldn't get online, programs would freeze. Finally I had to do a hard shut down and put the damn thing away.
  • Husband decides he wants to be a pain – and not in a could way, which led to arguing. 
  • This particular Saturday the 13th – a family outing was planned with my sister and her family, and our son and daughter-in-law. Sister showed up late and went to the wrong location for the meet up.
  • Son forgot to bring a long sleeve shirt, so decided he needed to go to a store to shop.
  • I had a headache (from arguing with the husband.)
  • Son had a headache.
  • Nephew had a headache and sinus infection.
  • Sister had a headache.
  • Brother-in-law had a sprained ankle.
  • Niece was tired.
  • Who knows what the husband was feeling (we weren't talking.)
  • We decided to take the scenic route to Picture Lake and Artist Point, which meant Hwy 9 North out of Burlington. Just outside of the little town of Acme, a flat bed truck had lost some bales of hay onto the highway causing traffic to slow to a crawl (this ended up being a blessing.) One of the young men was on top of the bales of hay on the truck, was trying to restack them, we passed them without any issues, but when our son went to pass the truck, the young man fell of the truck, landing on the pavement right in front of our son's truck. Luckily the young man landed on his butt and had jumped up quickly, and our son had a quick reaction causing him to swerve, which meant he barely missed hitting the young man. In the meantime, I am watching the whole thing in the side-view mirror and my heart stopped. 

The day, that felt like one-not-so-good-thing after another, ended up with a wonderful picnic in the mountains and a gentle hike to calm our souls (and minds.)