Thursday, April 30, 2015

Nothing Else Matters

I am a worry wart. Have been since day one. I fret about the future and worry about the past.  As I grew older, I have tried to condition myself not be a worry wart but it's a hard habit to break. Logically I understand the power of positive thinking, but it's a difficult thing to do for someone like me.

The other day we were driving through the farmlands on the way to town, a drive we have done so many times. On the radio, a song was playing, the lyrics were "Nothing Else Matters." The song (normally sung by Metallica), was being sung by a woman and I got lost in the lyrics. As I listened, I realized she was right, Nothing Else Matters.

I was gazing out the car window and the evening light was lighting up the hills. The trees, full of Spring growth, were swaying in the breeze as if dancing to the music, and the farmlands were rich with the beginning of new crops. I found myself awestruck by the glorious beauty whizzing by as we drove down the highway. The lyrics were right -  how could anything else really matter?

Why fret about the past, why worry about the future, when surrounded by the beginning of new life and the beautiful landscape that God has generously surrounded us with.

I have lived in this amazing valley for ten years now and I have enjoyed its mix of water, islands, farmlands and mountains, but it wasn't until that moment, while listening to that song and my mind opened up, that it hit me - how blessed we really are. It is the here, the now that matters.