Sunday, August 4, 2013

Acceptance - Forgiveness

I recently read a saying that said sometimes like - you get to see the 'true colors' of people who say they care about you. These 'true colors' show up when life is hitting you the hardest. I have found this saying to be true and profound. During a recent low point in my life, friends disappeared, some slowly fading away. A family member abandoned me.

So, is it acceptance I need to perform? Or is it forgiveness?  No. What I really need to do is accept that I don't necessarily have to 'forgive', but I do need to let go and move on. That the energy, and emotions, I waste fretting and feeling angry is not worth the precious minutes I give towards these people.

What I need, is to accept and feel grateful, for those that are in my life and are there no matter what.

Expressing myself with letting go of the bad and feeling loved by the good.