Sunday, June 8, 2014

The Line to the Women's Restroom

I love to people watch and an entertaining place to watch people is the line at a women's restroom.

I was hosting an art show recently and the desk I planted myself at sat directly across from the women's restroom.

The steady stream of , I-Have-To-Pee people watching, made for an interesting and somewhat entertaining sort of afternoon.

Here are my observations of Women In Line for the Women's Restroom - People Watching:

1. You have the I-can-wait-patiently women. These women realize that waiting in line at the women's restroom is just part of the facts of life for women and they don't wait until it is an emergency.

2. The I-have-to-go-now women. Just what the name implies, they wait until the last minute. They then spend their time in line, hopping from one foot to the other, impatiently waiting for the line in front of them. And inevitably, when you have to go really bad, the women in front of you are the women who take their sweet time - so hurry up please.

3. The women who don't seem to notice the line and cut right to the front. They were so oblivious to the world around them. I guess when you have to go, you brain is too focused on having to pee and can't notice anything else.

4. This particular restroom has only one stall. The stall does have a door you can shut, as well as, an exterior door to the room itself. It amazed me how many women did not bother to shut the exterior door. In fact, some would just leave the door wide open. Now me, I am a private person when it comes to using the restroom, I close the door and lock it. I guess not all women feel the same way. So women - PLEASE shut the door and lock it.  The rest of us do not need to know what you are doing in the privacy of the restroom. Also, by leaving the door open this confused the other women, they would think that the restroom was available. These women already are a little addled by the I-Have-To-Go now syndrome.

5. My all time personal favorite of the day - The women who would go up to a shut, and locked door, and still try to open it. I am thinking that when women have to go - it overrides some of the logic in our brain and we are just too focused on getting to that toilet. When we have to go - we have to go.