Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weddings are such beautiful events.

For this Valentine weekend we went to a, 'Love, Honor and What???', in other words, a wedding.  The bride's dress was a beaded, roaring 20's, stunningly beautiful dress.  Dave and Beth, had pseudo, but yet not quite, traditional wedding and it was great.  Instead of everyone showing up to the wedding where the bride was escorted down the aisle to the anxiously waiting groom and wedding party, then the reception.  The reception started before the wedding. The guests arrived and started mingling, dancing, eating (and drinking) before the ceremony.

After about an hour, the groom and the bride had everyone stand up and gather around them as they exchanged vows. It was warm, romantic and funny. They wanted their guests to actually participate in the ceremony, not just merely witness it from afar.  We (the guest) was the wedding party. As part of the Groom's vows, Dave did the traditional vows to the bride, Beth, he also wrote vows to Conner, Beth's son.  He vowed to love them both, protect them both and be a good step-dad to Conner.  That moment was very special, it showed that this was not only the wedding of a man and a woman, but of a family. That this union included all of them.

After the I Do's, the real party started.  

Expressing myself - wishing all of the best and a beautiful live to Dave, Beth and Conner..... 

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful, semi-traditional way to start a life together!