Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Family Dynamics

Mother. Sister. Daughter. Wife. That is what I am to somebody related to me.  I am the oldest of five, the mother of two sons, the daughter of a mom (passed away), a father that left when I was around one (and hardly know) and the wife of Tony. And all my life - all 50 hmmm + of them - I have been pulled into one direction or another by one, if not all, of them.

Now maybe it is because I am 50 hmmm + that I finally am getting to the point where enough is enough and I don't feel like being pulled anymore, or maybe it is this somewhat screwed up, stressful world that we live in that makes it harder to put up with Family Dynamics and DRAMA, and yet has increased Family Dynamics and DRAMA.

Family Dynamics is something all of us put up with. Most of us are part of some sort of Dysfunctional Family and there always seems to be DRAMA - fighting, who's mad at who, whining - or there is those that ignore the others, they don't interact, help out, they pretend it is not there. Not sure which is worse?

With all that most of us are going through these days - job loss, bad economy, health, stress - Family Dynamics is just not one more thing I want to add to the plate.  So I guess I choose, at this time, to not be a part of it. 

Expressing myself with DRAMA and just leave me the #@)) alone.  Take the drama somewhere else.

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