Saturday, March 30, 2013

Up Early with Kindred Spirits

Early morning sunrise, photographing the daffodil fields with kindred spirits.

The early morning was filled with enthusiasm and anticipation. Good spirits filled the air as everyone got busy. The chill slowly faded, as the warmth of photographing the surrounding beauty, took hold. Fog rolled through the valley, providing a veiled cover as first light appeared, giving us a muted view of the landscape.

Suddenly, the sun burst over the mountain range, sending flares of bright light and saturating the landscape in vivid color.

Camera shutters snapped in rapid succession, trying desperately to catch that brief moment.

The anticipation of sunrise was now being realized and enjoyed.

The flowers in the field stretched to welcome the morning sun.  Soon the dew and the cold from the night would be warm and forgotten.

The welcome of a new day and the welcome of kindred spirits - a nice way to spend time.

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Karen Molenaar Terrell said...

Beautiful, Karla! Thank you for sharing!