Sunday, October 27, 2013

How Laundry Helps My Writing

My laundry, more specifically my dryer, and I have a special relationship. The serenity I find in doing such a simple mundane task allows my creative mind to emerge. While doing laundry I can push the outside world away, I can release my analytical brain from its duties, and I can let my mind wander.

It is during this creative outflow of time that I may solve plot issues, discover new characters, fix a scene, have a dialog with a character, or even create a new story. I dedicate my stories to my dryer because it is such a significant part of my writing. It is my release from the real world. It takes me to a place of play and creative outlet. It is my escape, at least temporarily, into a world of fantasy.

To my dryer - I dedicate this to you.

Time to go, my dryer is calling me...

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Colleen said...

People walk labyrinths for the same reason, but they don't end up with clean clothes! Nice article