Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Sweet Promise

Like any drug - there is the Sweet Promise of blissful joy. Its siren song sings of heavenly delight. Each taste teases the tongue with pure ecstasy.

I CRAVE it's sweetness!

I need the heady high that comes with each delectable bite.

And, like any drug - there is a price to pay once the high goes away. A violent crash that leaves you weak and trembling. The long term effects that wear down your body and your mind. Years of abuse start to show as your body can no longer tolerate it. Its dependency is deep and strong.

Like any drug, or addiction, you want to kick it. You need to kick it, but its hold on you is overpowering and willful.

I am a sugar addict.

I want it.

I crave it.

But, I don't need it.

It is a raging battle to control the cravings, one that I lose often.

I tell myself that I enjoy it, but that is a LIE! The little rush I get isn't worth the damage it is doing to my body, or the crash I have when it finally wears off.

Like anything that is to good to be true - the Sweet Promise from this addiction is a illusion - A SCAM!

Expressing myself with the Sweet Promise of trying to kick a life time habit. Or, not!

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