Friday, December 20, 2013

My Most Prized Possessions

My most prized possessions aren't my car, jewelry, cell phone or things like that. My most prized possessions are things with an emotional attachment to them.

A book titled, Sisters, given to me by my sister.

A glass bowl given to me by my younger brother.

A housecoat that my son bought me years ago.

A piece I bought in Canon Beach, OR that has two small clay bells on it.

Some dishes that I don't use but cherish for various reasons.

A fancy decorated candlestick that my husband bought me one year for Christmas.

Scarves that belonged to a friend who recently passed away.

A roll-top desk given to me by people that I only slightly know, but who thought enough of me to have it and I treasure it daily.

My most prized possessions are things of real value to anyone but me.  The way prized possessions should be.

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