Saturday, December 28, 2013

Why Do They Have to Grow UP?

There are certain ages that are special and remind us why we have kids in the first place. But, why do they have to Grow UP?

They are so cute when they are babies, yet who wants a baby for too long.

When they become toddlers, they start to talk and walk and are so adorable. That is until they learn to yell and run.  Don't forget they learn to say "NO" at this age too.

Five to ten are such wonderful ages. They start to become somewhat self-sufficient. They still love their parents. They are fun to hang out with and yet don't require as much effort as when they were very young.  And, they love to learn.

Then they hit pre-puberty and puberty. This is when they turn into little he/she demons and you ask yourself -  "Remind me why did I have these things again?"

The teen years - 15-18. This is when they start to cocoon from a young child into adulthood. This is the age of my nephew now. He exhibits such wonderful beginnings of a nice young man. Of course, I don't have to live with him.

Even though I am enjoying seeing the young man emerge - I really miss the little boy that was.

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