Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Great Loss

Today I lost a good friend, a mentor, an important person in my life.  Though I am feeling this loss strongly, I am also feeling very blessed - because this person, even though for a short time, was an important part of my life. 

We both shared a passion - his was to teach photography, mine was to organize the classes that allowed his wonderful talent to shine. We made a great team and we had some really successful classes. I went through the blog from our workshops today and found this posting of a workshop we did in August of 2009.  That workshop was our most successful class. It was intense, the location was perfect for the subject, and the students participating dived right in.  Something that Dick and I both enjoyed the most from our classes was watching the students get so involved and we would get the most joy from their excitement.

This post seemed appropriate considering today.  The workshop was called,  "Workshop with Emotion."  A quote from the post is what struck me the hardest, "What was unexpected was the 'intensity' of the location and how it would affect the participants."  

That is how I am expressing myself today: The 'intensity' of the emotions felt in a community today. We will miss you. Thank you for being you, for all that you were, and what you meant to all of us.

Workshop with Emotion

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