Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hanging out with Friends

Typically I am a homebody. My very small social life revolves around photography workshops, the camera club, an occasional dinner with friends, and some volunteer things that I do here and there. This past week though I have had a very healthy and large dose of socializing. Saturday, I had organized a gray whale tour with Island Adventures, for the camera club and large group of us went.  We had a great time.  The weather was almost perfect - sunny, calm, a little warm and clear skies. We didn't have to travel far before we saw gray whales. There were quite a few whales out so we just hung out and enjoyed the scenery and watching these magnificent creatures.

Then I organized a Sunset under the Bridge workshop that spanned over five nights. The workshop was a benefit/fundraiser for a friend/instructor that had passed away. Each night there was a large group of us hanging out and waiting for the sun to set under the Deception Pass bridge.  While waiting we stood around talking, laughing and really enjoying each others company.  It was so relaxing and just plain fun to just hang out with these wonderful people, sharing a common interest and getting to know them more.

Expressing myself with fun and enjoyment of great company.

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