Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Journey to where we are

In life we travel many journeys.  I am talking more about the where-life-takes-us-kind-of-journeys.  We are what we are because of the journeys we were on, sometimes by choice, sometimes not. We have to travel a journey in order to get to where we are now. Just like when we travel, we may hit bumps in the road, experience beauty that is beyond words, head downhill (sometimes at high-speed), take a leisurely ride to the top, or just float along.

I am fascinated by people with lives that are what I refer to as, 'level'.  Their lives seem to be on this path, or road, that is pretty even, fairly level and constant.  Not much changes. The scenery is pretty much the same, the road is pretty level, nothing too high, or too low. They are traveling a simple, quiet journey and where they are is stable, reliable and most of the time fairly calm. And I always wonder, 'why is that?' Is it their personality, the choices they made, their outlook on life, their pre-consciousness (without even really thinking about it), or just because? What is their secret?

Then there are those that we all refer to as, 'Lives Life to the Fullest'. Always on the go, happy, bouncing from one journey to the next, always exploring, looking forward to the next journey, enjoys where ever they are and gets to where they are by just doing. 

My journeys have been more like up and down and all around. Always heading somewhere, sometimes heading nowhere, turbulent, winding roads, vastly changing sceneries, changing direction - most of the time without a map, having to relearn again, with brief journeys to amazing places in life.

Now that I am older what kind of journey would I like to be on? Honestly, a mix of all 3.  I like that my journeys change, but I would like some more stable and reliable journeys to help balance it out.  Then add a journey here and there that really excites me and helps me get to that live-life-to-the-fullest place.

Expressing myself with a 'sense of adventure' and hopefully a 'touch of stability'. 

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