Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blue Skies, Nothing But Blue Skies

After a very long rainy and gray Spring, I have this song going through my head - Blue Skies, Nothing but Blue Skies - every day for the last week.  It is not a song that I am real familiar with but for some reason it just popped in my head one day and would not leave. At first I thought it was because I really need some sun, but then I thought, shouldn't I be singing something like, "Sunshine on my shoulders make me happy."?  So maybe it wasn't just 'sun' that I needed, maybe it was a change in 'color'.  After all months and months of gray is a bit much.  Today not only did we have sun, the skies are actually 'blue'.  So nothing but Blue Skies are smiling at me (and everyone else). So SMILE!

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