Sunday, May 22, 2011

Life and our plans

This weekend I had planned a workshop that didn't quite go according to plan and it got me thinking about my 'life plans'. I have a reputation as someone who can organize and plan things. This is my talent. This is something I usually enjoy. Most of the time I am even pretty good at it. But when it comes to my 'own life' I don't really seem to have a plan. The plans I have had didn't necessarily go according to how I would have planned them to. And I most definitely would not have planned my life to go the way it has over the last few years.  So why is that?  Why can I plan events but not my life?  Is it like people that are good at taking care of others but not themselves? People who can do but not teach, or people who can teach but not do? Is it because life cannot be planned? You hear of people who have planned out their lives to go a certain way, though quite honestly I don't know anyone like that. I am not sure, then maybe that is my problem? I am not sure.

Expressing myself as - totally perplexed and unplanned.

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