Sunday, January 6, 2013

I Live on an Island

Well it rained today. No big surprise there, but it waited until we wanted to go for our walk. That's the life of living in the Pacific NW, more specifically, the Seattle area.  Here in Anacortes, we supposedly get less rain than Seattle. I suppose that is true. Being close to the water (we are an island after all) has it's advantages and it's disadvantages. 

Let's start with the negative and end on a positive note shall we:

  • The Island is surrounded by water, specifically Salt Water
  • Cost of living and goods are just a tad higher. They act like driving that extra 13 miles to get to us from I-5 is a big deal, so they charge more for it. Or maybe it's just because they can?
  • Only so much land and space 
  • Everything has to be brought on to the island
  • We have 3 ways off the island.  If something happens to all 3 - we are so screwed. Unless you have a personal boat
  • Colder in the winter - we are close to the water
  • Windy
  • A lot of the island is hard volcanic rock. It's pretty, an all, but it's also difficult to build or grow on.
  • Limited water supply - if we are ever cut off from the mainland, this could be a potential problem
  • Going over the bridge - that's what the 'locals' refer to when they have to drive the 13 long miles to Mt Vernon
  • Not a readily supply of underwear and socks. Don't ask!
  • Jobs are very limited and hard to find
  • Sometimes we are a bit more technically-challenged and behind the big city
  • Slower Pace - this is only a disadvantage if you need something done really quick - sometimes
  • Sometimes a limited supply in products
  • Cost of living can tend to be higher

  • Beautiful - Let's start there shall we. It is one of the main reasons why so many of us live here.
  • Stunning views 
  • Surrounded by water (yes it was a disadvantage, but it's a huge advantage too).
  • Boating
  • It's kind of fun saying we live on an island
  • We have 3 ways off the island- Two bridges and a ferry. Unlike some of the island that are only accessible by ferry
  • Community - a very important advantage. Because we are geographically small, the community is small. Though a large island, the population is still limited.
  • NO TRAFFIC - well we do have traffic, especially in the summer when all of the tourist come up and take the ferry to the islands and Canada. But our 'rush' hour traffic - well let's just say it's minimal and quick.
  • Lots and lots of trails and parks. 
  • Some underwear and socks :-)
  • Some major employers that give to the community
  • Our own hospital
  • People - wonderful, wonderful people
  • Wildlife - Not everyone can say that they have orca whales as part of their area.
  • Drier than the Seattle area
  • More Sunshine than the Seattle Area
  • Cooler in the Summer (that is not always an advantage, only on really hot days)
  • Variety - we are a 'working' island with a variety of industries, as well as, tourism
  • Tourism 
  • Anacortes Arts Festival - one of the largest in the state - Now going on it's 52nd year.
  • Art - we are surrounded by art and artists
  • Fun - I suppose a lot of areas and communities say that?
  • Slower Pace - Enjoy a little 'Island Time'.
  • A little slice of our own heaven
  • Variety of people from all over
  • Fishing/fish
  • Parks
  • Our port
  • Music 
  • Pretty self-sufficient
  • Creative
  • Photographic
  • Fun to paint - if you paint. Might be why we have so many artists?
  • A good sized island - not too small and not too large.

As you can see the advantages completely outweigh the disadvantages. So, I have to ask - do you appreciate where you live?  Are you thankful everyday for your community and do you feel grateful for the people that live there? Even in large cities, there are small communities. It's just that sometimes in the larger communities with all of the hustle and bustle, we forget to slow down and do a little 'island' time and appreciate the area in which we live. The best way is to be involved and slow down enough to remember to take the time to appreciate.

Moving to this small island, this small community has been one of the best things to happen to us and everyday I am thankful for it, and for the people that live here. This community is supportive and generous. And full of fun. We may be small, but we are big in heart.

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