Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Uncharged Territories

Uncharged Territories.  
Right vs Left 
 Logical vs creative.

Art is most powerful when it comes from our subconscious.  This is the time when the right brain is most active. That could be why our best ideas come to us when we are driving, half asleep, in the shower or daydreaming. Our left brain is on automatic, or in a relaxed state, allowing the right brain time to play.

With life being so hectic and stressed, it is difficult to put ourselves in a state of 'calm', to find our subconscious and let loose. Like all things, it takes PRACTICE!  The right brain has to be exercised like any other part of the body. 

While exercising the right brain, send the left brain away for quiet time. This quiet time allows the right brain to takeover. 

Forms of Exercise for the right brain.
  • Art is a form of exercise for the right brain. Creativity pushes the right brain into action which helps build its muscles. Like any muscle, the right brain will get weak if not used. 
  • Play  - Play games, play at art, play a musical instrument, play at sports.  Be like a child and  just play. Pull out the toys and play.
  • Do nothing - When you are doing nothing, or are bored, the right brain tends to venture forth.  This is probably why we doodle during boring meetings.
  • Daydream -   One of my personal favorites.  When daydreaming, a whole world is open to you.  Creativity flows, like a cool river. You can climb mountains with ease. Cross oceans in minutes. You are only limited by your imagination.
  • Dance -  Move the body - Move the mind.
  • Let your intuition takeover. Put the left side on hiatus and let the art flow.  
  • Visualize - Visual stimulation seen in paintings, drawings, photographs and more can stimulate the right brain. Visit art museums, go to artshows. Visually stimulate your right brain.
  • Feel it - Textile stimulation feeds the right brain.
  • Explore - Venture out of your comfort zone. Try a different medium or art. Take classes. Join groups.

When you exercise your right brain, you can increase it's function, the brains ability to expand creatively, to increase awareness, improve concentration and memory.

Learn to switch between the two sides, allowing them both to cooperate and help each other.  Using both sides of the brain makes you a well-rounded person.

If you are right-brain dominant, don’t forget to exercise your left brain.

A whole brain makes you a complete artist. 

The logical conclusion is to use both sides of your brain.   

The real power of art 
Is the ability to use both sides of the brain

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